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JOURNEY TO SANCTUARY-Powerful and intriguing book. So very well written that I felt every emotion the characters went through...every fear, every joy... as though I was right there in the story! Could not put it down! When I finished all I could think of was "When is Debra's next book coming out?" And at the end of this book she writes the sequel is coming out in 2018! I cannot wait!     Bonnie K.

JOURNEY TO SANCTUARY-I finished the book yesterday. It definitely kept my attention. I liked how the book shows how God can and does help Christians even in the worst of circumstances. I think the author did a good job of portraying the ups and downs of faith and the ultimate triumphs of God who is the one in charge all of the time. Our up and down feelings about God really don’t matter because God’s feelings are always faithful and do not change as far as His love and concern for all of His children and helping us to reach our ultimate goal. The reaching of the goal God has for believers was covered well in the story of little Tembo. The stories of the three main survivors created characters that a reader will care about and want to follow on their journeys.     Gary P.

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