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Known as EZ to his fellow vets, drifter Eli Walker, wasn’t one to share his military honors or show the world the scars he carried from serving his country. Let them think what they wanted. Until the day he rode his Harley across the state line into Western Colorado, Eli didn’t think he had it in him to care.


Could a chance encounter with an old homeless man and a young girl, the victim of human traffickers, change all that? Did he have it in him to be the hero one more time? Was it a matter of luck or could Daniella Rossillini be right about God having a plan that included him?


Dani’s life wasn’t going as planned. Her trust and confidence had been shaken. Her heartbroken. She’d sworn off men, but when a scruffy biker rides into her world, she has to wonder if God’s sense of humor is being directed at her. Now she had to consider removing the walls she’s erected and trust God to direct her future and heal her heart.

  • Price of Grace

  • ISBN: 978-1955941020

  • Published by Broken Yoke Publishing

  • Softcover    169 pages    5x8

  • Clean Fiction/Suspense, Romance

  • Teen-Adult

$12.50 includes shipping
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