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ISBN: 9781946939739

Published by Winged Publications

Softcover    227 pages    5x8

Clean Historical Fiction/Romance


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It’s the start of a new century and a new life for Chloe Reynolds. Her father’s company destroyed and her brother’s whereabouts unknown, Chloe is determined to carry on Oliver Cantrell’s legacy of supporting moral causes and exposing injustice. In her quest to be taken seriously as a photojournalist in a male-dominated society, Chloe stumbles into the wretched world of the impoverished and discovers the dangers of antagonizing the powerful men who rule their lives.


Tyler Reynolds, Chloe’s new husband and special assistant to Teddy Roosevelt must call on his experiences as a Pinkerton agent to protect the vice-president elect and his own wife. But, will he be able to save them both from an unseen and deadly enemy?


Destiny takes them from the gritty tenements of New York’s garment district to the rich gold fields of the magnificent Colorado Rockies. Along the way, Tyler and Chloe learn what it takes to follow your conscious and just how fragile life can be.

ISBN: 9781947523036

Published by Winged Publications

Softcover 257 pages   5x8

Clean Historical Fiction/Romance


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The beautiful Colorado Rockies offer hope for the sick and riches for a lucky few.


When Pinkerton agent Tyler Reynolds took on the task of finding out who is stealing gold in the Cripple Creek-Victor Mining District, he has no idea what it will cost him. Will greed and power, deception and temptation destroy everything he’s work for and holds dear?


To live a normal life again is all Chloe wants and yet it seemed everything is always being taken from her. First her parents and her inheritance, then her career and her health, and now the baby she’s carried under her heart for nine months. Will she have the strength to fight for what is hers or will she be forced to suffer more heartache and lose?

ISBN: 9781947523340

Published by Winged Publications

Softcover 241 pages 5x8

Clean Historical Fiction/Romance


The high plains of Colorado and the infamous Wild Bunch are not part of debutante Chloe Cantrell’s world. Out of her element, she must face them both in her quest to honor her father’s dying wishes. Will she find the half-brother she doesn’t know and say yes to a man she doesn’t love? Her quest for truth may cost her everything, including her heart.


Outlaw Trace Rawlings is on a quest of his own—one of revenge. Murder and deception have become his constant companions. Now Trace must fight to find the man he was, before he loses everything. Will he find peace and forgiveness or will another man’s greed and addiction leave him with nothing?


From the wilds of Colorado to the urban streets of turn-of-the-century Philadelphia, two worlds collide. Out of the rubble of greed, addiction, fraud, and retribution comes a second chance.