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ISBN: 978-1546411239

Softcover   312 pages    6x9


Christian Fiction


In the beautiful land of a thousand hills, insidious evil explodes in deadly violence.


Caught in the mayhem, Xavier risks everything to return to his family until the path of a bullet changes the course of his life forever.


Captivated by her beauty, a militia commander takes Betta hostage. A victim of his brutality and cruel obsession, she realizes she must escape or lose her humanity.


A little girl suddenly alone, Precious faces dangers both human and animal as she treks across three countries trying to find a safe haven.


Three souls trapped in the horrific nightmare of ethnic cleaning and civil war. Will their foundation of faith overcome the anger and bitterness festering in their hearts? Can their tenacious will to survive and their indomitable attitude of hope sustain them as they journey into an unknown future?


On the surface Escaping the Darkness appears to be a story of the inhumanity of man and the evil we can perpetrate on each other. In reality, it is a story of triumph, perseverance, forgiveness, and the power of God’s redemptive love as He leads they from the darkness to sanctuary.

$14 includes US shipping

ISBN: 978-1732789203

Softcover   241  pages   6x9

Clean Suspense


Photo journalist, Jean Pierre Fontaine knows human trafficking comes in many forms. It was his piece on the kadogos (child soldiers) of Uganda that won him a Pulitzer Prize. Now determined to expose the ruthless use of slave labor in the mines of the DRC, Jean Pierre ventures into the Virunga Mountains, where he is taken captive by the ruthless commander of God’s Unified Coalition Army.


Alone and unaware of what has happened to her husband, Betta Fontaine is forced to return to the nightmare of her former life when human rights war criminal, Cyrus Munianeza kidnaps her children to bait her into returning to him. Realizing it is up to her to save them, Betta puts herself back into the hands of a monster and hopes she can survive.


The eruption of Mt. Nyiragongo brings humanitarian aid worker, Xavier Mwena and his team back near his former Rwandan home and into a nightmare that could cost him his life or reunite him with those he thought dead.


The vast expanses and the jungles of the African interior challenge Jean Pierre, Betta, and Xavier as each fights a race against time and evil.

$14 includes US shipping

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